MD Aesthetics - Aesthetic Treatments offered by Dr Dommisse
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Facial injections

Botulinum toxin injections used to smooth lines contain a medically produced toxin which works by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles, temporarily reducing the contraction of those muscles. It is injected relatively superficially in minute non-toxic quantities and helps to relax muscles for 4 to 6 months. It also blocks the action of sweat glands, which is why it is useful for treating excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis). These injections are useful for reducing horizontal and vertical frown lines, as well as ‘crow’s feet’
around the eyes, ‘bunny lines’ at the top of the nose and lines around the mouth (peri-oral lines). They are also useful for lifting the brow, thereby opening the eyes and giving a fresher, younger look and may be used to prevent the corners of the mouth from sagging as you age, to reduce a gummy smile, lift the tip of the nose, reduce nasal flaring, treat muscular lines in the neck (platysmal bands), reduce irregular dimpling of the chin and correct asymmetrical facial movement.


Dermal fillers

The Juvederm® range of dermal fillers used in the practice all contain highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid. This is a smooth gel which is a synthetic form of natural molecules found in your body. It produces a natural, predictable and long-lasting result. The effect is registered to last for 1 to 2 years, depending on which filler in the range is used. The effect can be reversed easily with an injection should this be necessary. It is a relatively painless procedure as the product contains a local anaesthetic and the most common side effects are swelling and bruising, which can be minimised by correct product choice and placement and careful planning. Dermal Fillers are used to fill lines in the forehead, around the eyes, mouth, nose and to fill the lips. They are used to restore a youthful volume and lift to the cheeks, as well as reducing the jowels and enhancing the chin, eyebrows and nose.

Injectable fillers are substances designed to:
• enhance volume,
• erase wrinkles,
• augment lips,
• induce collagen production and
• overall restore the youthful 3-dimensional contour of the face.


Soft Surgery


Plexr® is a revolutionary approach in the soft surgery field. Plexr® offers a completely new alternative to surgery and procedures that were, until now, highly invasive due to pre- and post-operative complications such as anaesthesia, surgical resection, sutures and post-operative recovery in hospital.
Plasma skin tightening, brow lift and non-surgical eye lift blepharoplasty is a new and revolutionary treatment. This innovative technology utilises plasma – formed through ionisation of atmospheric gasses – to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of skin fibres. This technology does not use scalpel or laser to remove excess skin, thereby avoiding all risks inherent to the traditional intervention. The treatment is performed without cutting, burning or removing excess skin or fat.
The treatment is performed through minute spots made with the Plexr® device at certain distance one from the other to stimulate instant contaction and tightening of skin fibres. Each of these spots sublimates the superficial corneocytes without affecting the basal laminae and without causing bleeding and more importantly without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue and the ones beneath. Most people see noticeable results after the first treatment although some may require more than one treatment and this is subject to your personal expectation. Plexr® offers an effective alternative to surgical procedures such as upper blepharoplasty (eye lift and/or eye bag surgery).
It can also be used for a face lift or neck lift without surgery as well as treating lines and wrinkles, acne, scars and skin blemishes such as moles, warts, age spots and even tattoo removal.
As a non-surgical approach it is astonishing how good the results are. This versatile treatment involves no cutting of the skin, no stitches and doesn’t even need a local anaesthetic injection – numbing cream is sufficient.


Needle shaping

Needle Shaping with Vibrance® is a ground-breaking treatment that makes it possible to lift the face and parts of the body without surgery or injection of any product.
The principle of Needle Shaping is that of an auto-transplantation of tissue produced by our own body. We can use this system to correct lines and wrinkles as well as sunken scars and indeed increase the volume of the lips, the cheek bones and other areas of volume loss in the face.

The procedure is performed by inserting tiny acupuncture needles combined with the application of a very
low and safe current of minimal electricity. The thermic effect on the tip of the needle triggers the instantaneous production of elastic and collagen fibres. These fibres continue growing and developing over the next 14-28 days absorbing water and plumping up the treated area in the face.

This is a very tolerable procedure for most patients. The needles used are fine acupuncture needles and can barely be felt on application to the skin. The process of needle shaping itself, can be slightly uncomfortable but is well tolerated in general. The results are natural with no scarring or down time. In areas like lips and cheekbones the effect can last for at least a couple of years. In areas subjected to more muscle movement, such as the naso-labial folds, the results last between 6 and 12 months.

Although there is almost no downtime, your skin may be slightly pink for a few hours. Occasionally, a small bruise may appear. As collagen and elastin generation occurs over the coming days, you may “feel” slightly bruised in the area. There is no special before or aftercare with this procedure and you should be able to return to daily activities immediately.